I have two buildings on sale right now 200 x 300 foot and 200 x 400 ft. clear span
These buildings can be put up in about 6 weeks time depending on weather and ground conditions. 
These buildings are made to withstand high winds and snow for mountain areas.
The spacing between support is 12 ft  inside height on ends is 24 feet clearance and center clearance of over 100 feet.  outside side wall 27.5  feet center outside 105.5 feet.
I can put concrete side walls up to 24 feet
I can put concrete floor
For tax purposes these can be consider as temporary structure or building permits.
should last over 30 years
can be insulated
lots of sun light when not insulated
Hold up to 3,250,000 bushels. (.29 cents/bu/m/30yr)  or  150,500 yards (6.3 cents/yd/m/30yr)
We can sell you the materials or do the full construction.  Contact us for your needs.
May be used for grain storage up to 2 million bushel in small one to 3 million bushels in large one
Could be used as air plane hangers
car dealership sales
storage facilities
gym s
ball games
city maintenance
what's the cost any where for 1.75m to 4m depending on what all you would like to have in your building maybe even higher cost.

Grain storage could be as low as $.0125 per bushel per month storage on a 7 year pay back.
mineral storaag could be as low as $.27 per yard per month storage on a 7 year pay back
or as low as $.15 per square foot on 30 year pay back storage
contact me:
Save $600,000 to $800,000 now
Save $600,000 to $800,000 now
We have many more to suit your needs contact us
Been in business since 1997.
Sizes widths from 18 feet to 300 feet wide and as long as you wish.
Stronger, clear-span frame of galvanized steel arches covered with a skin of weatherproof, heavy-duty reinforced fabric. withstand wind and snow loads for almost any conditions.
They let in natural light, giving a pleasant, sunny-day feeling.
Our fabric’s sound dampening quality provides an exceptional level of quietness.
Can be insulated anytime. they can have ventilation, filtration, air-conditioning and heat.
can be either permanent or temporary based on your needs and foundation types.
Uses for our buildings:AviationAgriculture & Farming
Boat storageCorrectional FacilitiesCustom Designs
Emergency services   Enviormental    Gaming & Casinos
Garages Government     Hospitality & Conventions
Manufactoring   Military  Mineral storage
Mining    Oil & Gas     Pool enclosures
Ports Riding Arenas/Stabling     Ski Resorts
Sports & Recreation     Temporay HousingTent Rental Products
Warehouse & Storage Waste Recycling    Plus many more
email buildings@shopgf.com
We do steel buildings to to up 200 wide clear span.
and can put concrete walls on them.
most steel building are I beams and perilings with steel siding and roofing.
We can insulate all buildings. or parts of the buildings.